2016 Surgery Sprint Winner’s are ….

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2016 Surgery Sprint Winner’s are ….

It’s been a busy time for us this year, lots going on. But we wanted to take the time to congratulate the winners of last years Surgery Sprints, who were all awarded in the first round of the 2017 Surgery Sprints.

Certificate recipients are as follows (trophy winners are at the bottom):

Placing Competitor Class Vehicle
1= Keith Miller O’all Porsche GT3
1= Stuart Becker O’all Fiat 124 Coupe
3 Chris Aspros O’all Nissan GTR
1 Don McLean E1 Holden Barina Gti
1 Jon Rings E2 Honda Integra
2 Cameron Barr E2 Honda Integra
3 Taran Thomas E2 Honda Integra
1 Nigel Thoms E3 Renault Clio Sport
2 Scott Newlands E3 Honda Integra
3 Graeme Tulloch E3 Mazda RX7
1 Stephen Stokes E4 Porsche Boxster
2 Jason Morris E4 Mini Cooper S
3 Nigel Somerfield E4 Nissan Pulsar Turbo
1 Chris Aspros E5 Nissan GTR
2 Max Kempthorne E5 Nissan Skyline
3 Steve Gaskin E5 Ford Escort V8
1 Stuart Becker M2 Fiat 124 Coupe
2 Tim Neal M2 Mini Jem
3 Alan Howe M2 Fiat 128 Coupe
1 Jeremy Smyth M3 BMW 325i
2 Greg Joy M3 Mazda RX7
3 Darryl Monk M3 Mazda RX3 Coupe
1 Keith Miller M4 Porsche GT3
2 Les Cockeram M4 Triumph 2500S
3 Stephen Marks M4 BMW 320i 2.7L
1 Evan McCarthy U2 MGF
2 Dave Freeman U2 Alfa Romeo 33
3= Graham Hilder U2 Alfa Sprint / Alfa Sud TiQ
3= Joan Hilder U2 Alfa Sud TiQ
1 Oliver Fisher U3 Alfa Romeo Berlina
1 Gray Hughson U4 Porsche Boxster
2 Andrew Miller U4 Porsche 911SC
3 Mark Hughson U4 Porsche Boxster

Drivers Trophy:

Keith Miller (Porsche GT3) and Stuart Becker (Fiat 124 Coupe) (joint winners)

Gauntlet Trophy:

Porsche Club of New Zealand

Hugh Tunley Memorial Cup for Sportsmanship, Consistency and Presentation:

Jon Rings (Honda Integra)

Bruce McLaren Trophy:

Derek Douche (Alfa Sud Sprint)


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