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The future is here, and for some of you, that future is electric. The market has a growing number of fully electric or EV cars available and it looks like this segment will continue to grow. What does that mean for our classic cars? Are they destined for the graveyard? Definitely not, even though many classic owners will want to maintain their combustion engines, there is a growing demand for fully electric or EV conversion for classic cars. The team at The Surgery can help you plan and build your fully electric classic vehicle so there is no reason that classic car owners cant have vintage style with the drive train of the future.

Supply partners with Electric Classic Cars

Global EV Partnership

The Surgery is a proud supply partner of Electric Classic Cars in the UK. We believe in the old adage “do it once, do it right” and we strive to work alongside partners who have these same key philosophies. Our relationship with ECC has also allowed the sharing of knowledge that has been gathered through the conversion process of many different vehicles, ensuring you are getting the right and best parts for your vehicle’s conversion

Authorised reVolt Systems Dealer & Installer in New Zealand

EV / Electric Vehicle Crate Motors

The reVolt Motor electric swap kit (exclusive to The Surgery) is designed work with a wide range of old muscle cars. Using existing engine mounts the reVolt Motors can generate between 350-450kW (depending on spec) and 1084Nm (800+ft-lb) at the yoke. In most cases this is more than double the torque available from the factory V6 or V8 petrol motors. Contact our team if you would like more info on our installation packages and these amazing create motors.

Authorised NetGain Motors, Inc. Dealer & Installer in New Zealand

EV Knowledge and Support

The Surgery is an Authorised Dealer and Installers for the full range of NetGain Motors. The AmP Motor, HyPer Motor, WarP Motor, ImPulse Motor and TransWarP Motor. The popular HyPer 9 motor, is the go-to for many of the custom electric vehicle conversion around the world. We offer a full range of options to convert your classic or modern vehicle. We are able to help design and build any setup to suit your project requirements.

Questions you may have about EV conversions

1. Can all classic cars be converted?

Yes, pretty much all classic cars can be converted to fully electric. From cars like MG Midgets, VW Beetles all the way up to VW Kombi’s and American pickup trucks. If your vehicle is not considered a classic car (less than 30 years old) anything is possible, however there can be additional complexities and costs associated with newer conversion.

2. What parts will be required?

There are two paths available to us, Fully electric / EV conversion kits if they are available for your vehicle or build a custom part list as required. As interest in this market continues to grow, more and more kits are becoming available around the world. It’s worth keeping in mind that not all kits are created equal, some may require more parts to be procured.

3. What are the benefits ?

Converting a classic car to a fully electric vehicle would not only save you money on fuel bills and ongoing maintenance and servicing costs as electric drive systems are generally maintenance-free. No more engine problems, just relax and enjoy a reliable vehicle.

4. What are the costs?

It can depend if you want to use a kit or work to build something more custom. They vary from vehicle to vehicle, with the majority of the cost being the batteries. Every year the cost of batteries goes down, as demand and development continue. The typical cost estimate based on a vehicle being in good “Warrant of Fitness” state can be on average between $30,000-$55,000 NZD for the EV parts. Shipping, exchange rates and the number of batteries can impact this. We start the process by putting together an estimated project plan, with all the breakdowns. There is a cost to this estimate, to cover time, research involved and our IP. This cost is refunded if you choose to go ahead with your project.

5. What range can I achieve from an electric conversion?

The range of EV converted vehicles is affected by many aspects, vehicle weight, running gear, motor type, number of batteries, and battery type. Every vehicle is different and every owner has different requirements. During your project discussion, we can work out what is your ideal range and calculate backwards for the equipment is required. Average range not considering the size or type of vehicle typically falls between 150-250km.

6. What is required for certification / LVVTA?

EV converted vehicles are considered modified vehicles. To make them road legal in New Zealand, LVVTA needs to inspect and approved all changes so that the vehicle is safe to use on our roads.

One big factor that comes into during the inspection is the final weight of the car, which can not exceed the gross weight of the chassis design. This can also limit the number of batteries (large weight components) and or reduce the number of seats in the vehicle (in some small cars) losing the rear passenger seats can free up 80kg per seat to be used for the EV weight calculations.

7. Should I consider a Hybrid conversion over a full electric conversion?

Based on the LVVTA Certification requirements in 2020 for EV conversions, we do not see converting to Hybrids as a feasible solution, both for cost and certification approval.

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