Classic Vehicle Pre-Purchase Assessment

Classic Vehicle Pre-Purchase Assessment and Inspections Plans

Have you found your dream car, ideal project and want a professional second opinion before purchasing it? When buying most second-hand vehicles these days, you want to know if you’re getting a good one. When it comes to classic or project vehicles, they need more than the standard range of checks available.  No one wants to buy a lemon!​ We can guide you to avoid common mistakes and pitfalls.

Our team can conduct an in workshop or onsite inspection of your potential investment. Our non-invasive inspections examine the mechanicals, paint and panel condition, visible structural rust and damage, interior and cosmetic items. We then provide you with the facts in a comprehensive written report with photos. We will provide a personal report and will walk you through the findings, so you know exactly what you are getting for your money.

Pre-Purchase Vintage Car Inspection Plans

Basic Assessment 1.5 Hours

$ 180 +gst
Details of included checks below

Comprehensive Assessment 2 hours

$ 275 +gst
Details of included checks below

What's checked in our inspection plans

Basic Inspection

  • Visible engine check for any noise, smoke and other engine wear
  • Visible check and test of battery, alternator and starter motor
  • Visible check for leaks from the radiator, water pump, and hoses
  • Test drive to check the vehicles handling, steering, and brakes
  • Visible check of the exterior for any corrosion
  • Visible check of tyre tread and wheels for any damage
  • Visible check of steering and suspension for any damage, leaks or wear

Comprehensive Inspection

Assessment includes all the elements of a Basic assessment plus:

  • Check all lights and electrics are working
  • Fluid level checks
  • Visible check of exterior for dents, paint damage, rust or corrosion
  • Visible check of the interior for any damage, wear and tear or stains
  • Check the condition of vehicle jack, wheel brace and tool kit

Customised Inspection

A customised inspection covers everything in a basic and comprehensive inspection. It also covers a wide range of additional checks, which can be tailored to each client. From wheels off, brake and suspension testing to entire chassis rust examination. Anything can be requested, time required will be outlined before the inspections begin. This inspection is perfect for enthusiasts who are aware of known issues and want those items specify checked.

Value appraisal can also be included, just let our team know and we can discuss what’s required.

If your about to purchase a classic vehicle and want a pre-purchase inspection?


Terms and Condition
Our assessments are the combination of visibly checked facts and assumptions based on our teams collective years of experience.
The Surgery holds no accountablity for unknown or hidden issues.