Who are The Surgery

Who are The Surgery

Our experience of over 30 years in the classic car restoration and repair industry is yours to be called on. We will empower you with detailed costings of your project, so that you can make informed decisions. During your car restoration project, we will take photos of the work that needs to be done, update them as the work progresses and email them to you, so that you are in the picture at all times. Our services are completely personalised, and you will be kept in the loop on a regular basis throughout the entire project. We’re happy to undertake projects ranging from small, specific areas requiring rust repair, partial restoration, full restoration, to one off design and build projects. The team at The Surgery prides itself on a unique mix of creative and innovative abilities, combined with sound Kiwi practicality and a “can do” attitude.

In the Office

John Stevenson-Galvin

Owner / Director

In 2017 Mike passed the “wheel” to me. It was no easy task to take over a business and reputation that spanned more than 30 years. As the existing owner of other automotive businesses and previous experience as a project manager in the VFX industry for over 12 years, I couldn’t wait. From there we have grown many facets of the business, expanding our services and laying the road for the future ahead. Passion for all things automotive runs deep in our workshop.

Mike Baucke

Operations & Workshop Manager

Mike Baucke is a qualified coach-builder, as was his father and his grandfather before him. Mike has been in the business for over 40years specializing in classic and exotic car restoration. Mike (and his partner Irene) passed The Surgery over to John in 2017, as the operations managers working side by side with John and the team. As the founder of The Surgery, he is keen to see the business evolve and Mike just can’t stay away because classic cars are in his DNA!

Leela Tasker

Projects & Office Manager / Client Liaison

Leela is our Office Manager and has been at The Surgery since October 2019, is a mum of a busy 4-year-old, she works with us part-time. Her love of cars started in 2006 when she moved to Wellington and joined the local car Clubsport scene with her partner. Auto-Cross’, grass-khanas, and a few runs at Manfield – 175km – woohoo, in her caged Toyota Corolla!

Georgia Fletcher

Office Administrator

I joined the team at The Surgery in March of 2021, working as part of the administration team. Before The Surgery I had been driving Class 4 Trucks, as I have always had a passion for everything automotive, ever since I was a kid. I am a Japanese car enthusiast – particularly anything Subaru or Nissan! I love spending my spare time at the track, putting my 1998 Subaru Impreza WRX to the test.

In the Workshop

Ben Hutchinson

Dept Supervisor - Panelshop

In South Taranaki born and raised. In the shed was where I spent most of my days. Cuttin’ out paintin’ waxin’ all cool Shootin some spray guns all over old school cars. When a company in Wellington who were up to all the good. Started advertising in my neighborhood. I got in my 76″ Mitsubishi colt and my mom got scared. She said ‘You’re movin’ to Wellington to start your career!?’

Maurice Lindsay

Dept Supervisor - Mechanical

From the young age of three years old Maurice has always had a passion for cars, when he was younger his Dad built him a motorised firetruck to drive around the neighbourhood. Maurice has always had an interest in cars, especially anything American/British. He enjoys learning the history behind every vehicle in the workshop, what purpose it served and what went into creating it.

Chris Wallis

Dept Supervisor - Detailing / Finishing

I moved from the UK in 2013 where I had a career in commercial equipment repairs. I had always had project cars where I would repair, modify and improve the aesthetics of all of my vehicles. I have been at The Surgery since July 2020 having previously owned a vehicle detailing business. When I’m not working I love spending time with my wife and son, often getting my hands dirty with the next household project.

Gareth Aldridge

Dept Supervisor - Paint

I’m a Brit, and avid tea drinker, the only thing I love more than working on classic cars is my doggo.  I got fed up with Brexit negotiations so I bought myself a plane ticket to NZ. Before working at The Surgery, I worked for a private collector in the UK for 5 years focusing on full restorations of classic British cars, jaguar, Aston Martin, AC with American and Italian classics too!

Nathan West

Restoration Technician

I have been working at the surgery since 2018, where I am doing my apprenticeship (collision repair) with the help of the team at the surgery. I have spent much of my young adult life working on my own cars as well as my friends’ cars teaching myself new skills as I go. I am very passionate about everything I get to do and what opportunities lay ahead in the future.

Killian Baker

Restoration Technician

I started working at the surgery in March of 2020. I grew up in the South Island, around classic cars and I started working on them in my early teens. For as long as I can remember working on vehicles and building things has always been a passion of mine. When I’m not messing around with vehicles I spend my time producing music and building my skills as a digital artist.

Daniel Coulter

Restoration Technician

Cars have been an interest of mine since I was young. I’m a fan of European cars, particularly BMW’s, and looking to expand more into classic cars of all makes and models. I’m always keen to learn something new!

Nikolaos Churchill

Restoration Technician

I started working for the Surgery as of January 2022. Ive had a passion for cars mainly from my group of friends that would always take me out and let me help work on their cars, I’d have to say my favourite class of cars would be Japanese as these are the cars that made me fall in love with them. Always up for a new challenge that the world throws at me.

Karun Sudhakar

Restoration Technician

Growing up in Singapore, I have always had an obsession with classic cars, as you never see anything older than 10 years there. I spent my youth obsessing and absorbing as much as I could until I could finally start wrenching on a BMW e32 I bought during my time in New York. After that, I have never stopped, and have let old BMWs absorb my life (an e28 and an e31 are my current projects).

Noah Thomas

Restoration Technican

Let’s restore something amazing together.