The Surgery Sprints

The Surgery Sprints

The Surgery Sprint Series has been a feature of the local club racing calendar for 20+ years now and for the last twelve years has been generously sponsored by The Surgery.

As far as motorsport goes it is fairly low-key, so is a great entry point for those who want to try their hand at motor racing. The format is simple: a pair of cars are released onto the track at 10 second intervals and they complete 3 laps from a flying start. Points are awarded according to the times each driver achieves and these points go towards individual and club prizes.

The requirements are also basic: road legal tyres, fire resistant overalls, helmet, a fire extinguisher fitted to the car with a metal bracket, a roll cage for all open cars and a Motorsport NZ Licence (day licences are available). Entry fee is just $130.

You don’t have to have a rocket car to enjoy yourself on a race track and slower, unmodified cars are more likely to score more points. So whether you have a Herald, a TR7 V8 or something you’d rather not admit to, come and discover the thrill of motor sport for yourself.

Series Dates for 2024

  • Round 1: Sunday, 05th of May
  • Round 2: Sunday, 09th of June
  • Round 3: Sunday, 28th of July
  • Round 4: Sunday, 22nd of September
  • Round 5: Sunday, 24th of November

Trophies at Stake

  • The Surgery “Drivers Trophy”
  • The “Gauntlet Trophy”
  • The “Bruce McLaren” Trophy
  • The “Hugh Tunley Memorial” Trophy

Basic Rules & Regulations

Venue: Manfeild Autocourse
Type: Tarmac track, circuit or straight-line sprints
Eligibility: Points can be earned by current Intermarque member Clubs, Alfa, BMW, Capri, Cooper, Ferrari, Fiat, Jaguar, Enthusiasts & Drivers, Minis of Manawatu, MG, Porsche, Rotor, Sunbeam, and Triumph Sports Cars.
Also non intermarque cars are welcome and will accrue points in a separate class.
Area: Competitors resident south of a line between New Plymouth and Napier.
To score points it must be an Intermarque Club member in a Club Marque car.
Non-intermarque Club members are welcome to compete.
Tyres: No slicks on points competing cars, DOT rated race tyres are OK.
Coefficient: Turbo & supercharged x 1.7
Rotary x 1.8
Turbo’d rotary x 3.0
Classes: Modified (M) & Unmodified (U)
U1/M1: 0001 to 1300 cc
U2/M2: 1301 to 1800 cc
U3/M3: 1801 to 2500 cc
U4/M4: 2501 to 4000 cc
U5/M5: 4001 & over
Points: For Club & Individuals
1st – 15 Points
2nd – 12 Points
3rd – 10 Points
4th – 8 Points
5th – 7 Points
6th – 6 Points
7th – 5 Points
8th – 4 Points
9th – 3 Points
10th – 2 Points
11th and on 1 point
12 pts only for 1st place in a 1 Car Class
Best 5 results from the 6 rounds are counted towards series results.
Competitors can only scored points from 1 car per event.
Multiple drivers per car are allowed, points only accrue if there is a financial interest in the car.
Runs: Of 3 laps duration
Practice: One run must be completed
Timing: Best timed run will count
Auditing: Schedule A & AA of MotorSport manual
Roll bars are required for all open cars
MotorSport Log book is mandatory
Wellington based Clubs will have auditing in a Wellington venue, Thursday evening
Wellington based competitors will incur a late auditing fee for track auditing.
Modified: Definition thereof:
A Standard car is one that in its present specification could have been driven off the showroom floor. A Modified car is one which includes any mechanical modification, whether homologated or not, that enhances performance on the track.
Bodywork – factory standard including brightwork, except hubcaps, non-performance extras are OK e.g. towbar, sunroof, bonnet locking device. Rollcages are deemed to be a non-performance extra.
Interior – all fitting are per standard, except for front seats. 3 point or harness belts are required.
Drivetrain – all as per factory specifications, excepting air-cleaners.
Exhaust – as per Appendix J 2.3.5. Rotary engined cars with extractors are in the Modified Class.
Tyres – minimum of 50% profile, road-legal (DOT) tyres with WOF standard tread depth.
Wheels – mag and steels OK, so long as width is no greater than 12mm over factory, and diameter no greater than 1 inch above factory.
Brakes – friction pad material is free, dual circuit system enhancements for safety OK, rest unmodified.
Suspension – shock absorbers are free, bushes can be upgraded, ride height to remain standard.
General – ancillary components to remain in original locations.