Corrosion-X Rustproofing – Wellington Approved Applicators

Corrosion-X Rustproofing - Wellington Approved Applicators

The “Surgical” protection for rust repairs and complete vehicles.

The best method to prevent penetrating rust is to apply CorrosionX XD an advanced and effective corrosion prevention compound. CorrosionX utilizes revolutionary Polar Bonding and Fluid Thin Film Coating technologies that together do far more than merely slow down the corrosion process like other ‘corrosion inhibitors’. CorrosionX actually disrupts rust and corrosion on the molecular level (displacing it from the metal surface and keeping it from spreading), and provides long-term protection against rust and corrosion on any metal surface. We at The Surgery apply CorrosionX with a pressure pot system that injects the fluid into all difficult/problem areas to give maximum protection to the upper body sections of vehicles.

The underside of vehicles also requires protection from the elements to ensure rust and corrosion is kept at bay. The underbody treatment consists applies liberal coat of CorrosionX XD for a thicker film build acts as a protective underseal. This product also works as a sound deadener and is resistant to stone chipping.

The team at The Surgery are ready for every challenge.

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