Private Project Photo Gallery

Private Online Project Photo Gallery

In our ongoing efforts to improve our customer service and give you the customer complete transparency with their project as its worked on in The Surgery, we will create a private online project gallery for each vehicle. This gallery will get updated with photos before each task begins, stages during, and when the task is completed, allowing you to follow our progress step by step.

1. Gallery Creation and Emailed Link

Once your project has been booked in with us, our team will begin documenting with photos once your vehicle arrives at The Surgery. Upon delivery, you will be emailed a link to the private project gallery, so that you can access it remotely where ever you are and want to.


2. Follow Our Progress

Once you have the link to your gallery you can start to follow the work we do on your vehicle each and every day. We take photos before, during, and at the end of each task we do.


3. Peace of Mind

Our gallery allows you to follow and watch every step we make, almost like you’re standing right beside us. This will give you the peace of mind to know that the work carried out on your vehicle has been completed to high standards of workmanship.


4. Valuation and Future Selling 

The photos in your project gallery can be made available via a download link upon request once your project has left the workshop. This collection of photos are very beneficial for our customers for vehicle valuations. It is also extremely important if you ever need to sell your classic car. These photos show the story behind how it was restored, so the new owner can also know that any work carried out on the vehicle at The Surgery was done so to the highest standards.