Maurice Lindsay

Senior Restoration Technician

From the young age of three years old Maurice has always had a passion for cars, when he was younger his Dad built him a motorised firetruck to drive around the neighbourhood. Maurice has always had an interest in cars, especially anything American/British. He enjoys learning the history behind the vehicle, what purpose it served and what went into creating it. Maurice has been with us at The Surgery for over 7 years now as our Mechanic

When he’s at home he spends his spare time creating and building, letting his imagination run wild.

“If I were offered either a Tesla or a Ford Model T I would pick the Ford hands down”

  • History behind the car
  • Drove at 3 Years old
  • Dad made a fire engine
  • Always had a passion for cars
  • British/American cars
  • Owned 70+ classics
  • 6-7 years at The Surgery
  • Can relate to cars more than people
  • Spends spare time building/creating
  • Would take a Ford over a Tesla