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Toyota Land Cruiser FJ45 Paint Selection Process

As part of our final paint selection process we sometimes have to work though a “paint by numbers” map to get to the clients final paint selection on each part, especially on something as complex vehicles like an Fj45.

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Fj40 Land Cruiser

The mighty Freeborn Red Toyota Land Cruiser getting ready to leave the workshop very soon.

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1977 Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser – Surgical Procedure

The road into this story is a long and winding one, which begins when three of the Muir brothers — Tony, Neville, and Guy — began developing a 121-lot subdivision in Ngaio, Wellington, in 1970. Tony initially owned a 1965 Land Rover, and, in 1968, he and Guy purchased two new Austin Gipsys, originally designed as competitors to the Landy. In 1976, the brothers replaced the Gipsys with two new Toyota Land Cruisers (these days referred to as ‘FJ40s’), and, in 1978, the three brothers

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Bringing Life Back to Tired Paint

Bit of detailing going on in The Surgery this week. Bringing life back to the tired paint of this much loved Toyota Celica. Just look at that shine !! And thats before it’s been coated with CarPro Cquartz Finest paint protection.

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Toyota Land Cruiser – Eagerly Awaiting It’s Day In The Mud.

This bright red toy truck is all ready to go. The owner and surgery team are very happy with the final results, and we all cant wait to see it get it feet dirty with some good old fashioned off-roading.

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