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VW Kombi – Where All Good Kombi’s Go To LIVE !

Its hard to see, but there are 3 kombi’s in this picture, and thats not even all of the models we have in right now. Four different generations of kombis all in, getting a new lease of life so that can continue to give their owners many more years of enjoyment.

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Toyota Land Cruiser – Eagerly Awaiting It’s Day In The Mud.

This bright red toy truck is all ready to go. The owner and surgery team are very happy with the final results, and we all cant wait to see it get it feet dirty with some good old fashioned off-roading.

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Rolls Royce Phantom – No Job To Big !!

Some damage repaired to this amazing Rolls Royce Phantom, its a good job our paint booth is build for cars of all sizes, as this thing is huge.

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