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VW Kombi EV

A very special project going through reassembly right now.

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Camper / CorrosionX

Fuso Campervan in with our team to get an extensive CorrosionX underbody and inner body rust protection treatment.

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17/10/2022 The Surgery 0 Comments

New Workshop Signs

New signs are up, and they look great. The next thing is a lick of fresh paint on the building during the summer months.

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MG Classic

This years MG Classic is bigger than every, as one of the proud sponsors, we will be there to show our support and show off a few cool cars too. If you see us, pop on over for a chat with our team.

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Ford Cortina GT

The mighty Ford Cortina GT is heading home today, a project that was much loved by our team. We are all super excited to see it back on the road, while being a bit sad to see it finally leave our workshop.

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13/10/2022 The Surgery 0 Comments

New Workshop Signs Coming

New workshop signs getting ready to be installed thanks to the team at Signbiz Wellington.

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Land Rover Series II Skippy

lot of bits and pieces, restored and repainted

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Jaguar E-Type EV Conversion

Dual inline EV motor being test fitted to this E-Type Jaguar. It will be quite the beast with an estimated 350hp.

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