Classic Car Quiz – Can You Name Them All

25/03/2017 Fiat, Holden, Mazda, MG, Morgan 4 Comments

Classic Car Quiz – Can You Name Them All

Have you got a good eye for the details, can you name the first 5 cars in this photo ?


4 Comments on "Classic Car Quiz – Can You Name Them All"

  1. peter thriscutt

    26/07/2017 Reply

    Fiat 500 on the stand, Mazda RX7 I think, Morgan, MG BGT then either a Torino, old Toyota or Mazda. Probably all wrong, but there you go!

  2. Rex Stentiford

    13/09/2017 Reply

    Ford Capri (mk1), MGB Roadster, Morgan Plus 8, Mazda RX7 (mk1), Fiat 500.

  3. Spencer Morris

    30/10/2018 Reply

    Monaro (HG), MG B, Morgan, Mazda RX7, Fiat 500

  4. David Beale

    22/03/2021 Reply

    Stentiford has it. Capri 1600GT I would reckon.

    Is that guy still active in Palmerston Nth that did the MG T series parts rebuilds etc and the re-engineered Mk1 etc compact Jaguars?

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