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Award winning Customer Testimonial

When my pride and joy, a classic 1996 Corvette Grand Sport, was hit in the rear by a motorcycle I had no idea that the journey to get my car repaired would be so long or complicated.

At first glance the main damage appeared to only be to the urethane rear bumper which had been deformed by the accident and also cracked quite badly.

The first local repair shop, which was an accredited repairer for my insurance company, assessed my vehicle but declined to carry out the repairs. Most insurance companies in New Zealand mandate that repairer’s use PartsFinder to source parts for the repair. This organisation is owned by the insurance companies and ensures that they control the supply and pricing of parts. Because the parts for my classic car were not available in PartsFinder, and the insurance companies have made the procedure to source parts outside this system complex the local repair shop declined to take on the job.

To avoid a repeat experience, I requested my insurance company find a repairer that was prepared to put in the effort to source the parts from the USA, they recommended The Surgery.

I dealt with John at the Surgery and from the outset he was helpful allowed me to be involved in determining what parts were required for my car and sourcing them from the various suppliers in America.

Once the car was delivered to the Surgery a web based photo sharing site was used by the Surgery to upload photos of my car as it progressed through the various stages of repair. This was an excellent facility and kept me informed of the activity and progress of the repairs on my car.

I did find some issues with the repairs on my car. At this stage it is the putting right that counts and to his credit John was honest and genuine about the issues and worked hard to rectify them.

In addition to the repairs the Surgery also fitted an aftermarket rear spoiler to the car. This required some fettling to get it to fit properly but the team did a great job on this and the car looks fantastic with this addition.

Overall the journey took a bit longer and was a bit more troublesome than I anticipated, but the outcome was to a standard I was happy with. Shortly after getting the car was returned, my wife & I drove to Rotorua to run the car in the 2019 Targa Tour. The car received many compliments from fellow entrants and at prize giving we won a trophy for the best presented classic tour vehicle.