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Old and older

Two very different cars getting the final touches as the get closer to leaving the workshop. 

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06/08/2018 Beetle, VW 0 Comments

Electric VW Beetle

Very cool car in to at The Surgery today. And it’s not the only electric VW beetle we have in the workshop.

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VW Beetle, test fitting its new Electric Motor

One of the many new and exciting roads ahead of us is that of the Electric Vehicle Conversions. It’s not only the big manufacturers and new cars that will have them. We think we will see a lot of classic cars with them too.Check out the new electric motor being test fitted into a VW Beetle, before it continues on with its full restoration. If you want to save the planet, you don’t have to scrap that old classic. There are other options Keep an

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VW Beetle – The Museum Art Hotel Wellington

For every person we meet and every car we feature in NZCC there is a special story – whether linked to the owner’s past or simply the tale of a burning passion to own a particular classic car. However, this story is particularly interesting because not only does the owner of this fairly radical VW Beetle, Chris Parkin, have a keen interest in classic cars and motorcycles, he is also passionate about art and the Museum Art Hotel which he owns. Late last year we

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