Fun at Boomrock’s Bunkers

2017 has been a great year for the team at The Surgery. A lot of projects have been turned around and we could not have done it without the hard work of every member of the team. As a thank you for the hard work and to blow off some steam, we took the entire team to Boomrock yesterday

Some of the guys who had not shot before, where a bit apprehensive. But once they gave it a go, they got right into it. What an amazing setup they have there, from Individual clay pigeon shooting and then we went on to a group flurry.

A couple of us even tried the newly installed world war II, 303 firing range.  The aim was to see if you could hit a steel plate no bigger than a large serving plate at 200m. Once our shoulders were raw from the shotguns and long rifles, we had a feed and sat back to enjoy the amazing view. What a day and what a great location.

  • The-Surgery-at-Boomrock-Bunker-03
  • The-Surgery-at-Boomrock-Bunker-06
  • The-Surgery-at-Boomrock-Bunker-02
  • The-Surgery-at-Boomrock-Bunker-01
  • The-Surgery-at-Boomrock-Bunker-05
  • The-Surgery-at-Boomrock-Bunker-04
  • The-Surgery-at-Boomrock-Bunker-08
  • The-Surgery-at-Boomrock-Bunker-11
  • The-Surgery-at-Boomrock-Bunker-09
  • The-Surgery-at-Boomrock-Bunker-07
  • The-Surgery-at-Boomrock-Bunker-10