Fun at Boomrock’s Bunkers

Fun at Boomrock’s Bunkers

We had a great day out with the team at Boomrock yesterday. Individual clay pigeon shooting and then a group flurry. And after that a bit of a feed while we enjoyed the view. What a day and what a great location.

  • The-Surgery-at-Boomrock-Bunker-03
  • The-Surgery-at-Boomrock-Bunker-06
  • The-Surgery-at-Boomrock-Bunker-02
  • The-Surgery-at-Boomrock-Bunker-01
  • The-Surgery-at-Boomrock-Bunker-05
  • The-Surgery-at-Boomrock-Bunker-04
  • The-Surgery-at-Boomrock-Bunker-08
  • The-Surgery-at-Boomrock-Bunker-11
  • The-Surgery-at-Boomrock-Bunker-09
  • The-Surgery-at-Boomrock-Bunker-07
  • The-Surgery-at-Boomrock-Bunker-10

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