VW Kombi Passion

VW Kombi Passion

We are very honored and blessed to have the opportunity to work with such passionate enthusiasts like Steve Fejos. After his VW Kombi was feature on the cover of NZ Classic Car magazine, he wanted to show his appreciation to all of those who helped on the restoration work. A subway lunch shout for the entire team and some kraft beers for everyone to take home and enjoy on the weekend. He also gave a very special gift, a framed copy of the article from the magazine, to Maurice who did all the work on installing his new engine.

The whole team has been blown away with your generosity. We want to all say very big Thank you for allowing us to be part of your journey.


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  1. Steve Fejos

    29/05/2021 Reply

    I cannot recommend John and the Team at The Surgery strong enough. It was their pride, workmanship and finishing detail that enabled me to achieve my dream of being featured in New Zealand Classic Cars. Thanks Team Surgery. Steve Fejos

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