Private Project Galleries

Private Project Galleries

At The Surgery, we pride ourselves on the quality of their craftsmanship. Every step we take restoring your vehicle will be meticulously documented for you to follow as it happens. This is possible through our cloud-based private project gallery, which is created for each client when work commences. This gallery is updated almost every day, with photos documenting the step by step process that your vehicle goes through as we work through the work required.

This gives you the client complete transparency and peace of mind. As you know that every task that is done has been completed correctly and to the highest level of quality.

Gallery Examples

1. Consultation and Assessment

This first step involves a face to face, online or phone discussion on the scope of the project. This includes specific wants, needs and expectations that the client has.

A physical appraisal of the vehicle in its current state follows, either at The Surgery, off-site or via photos on the internet if required.

2. Appraisal Estimate

As a starting point, an initial estimate of areas able to be assessed is provided.

Some areas may need disassembly in order to be fully assessed and accurately priced, and delivery of the vehicle to The Surgery allows this next step to happen.

3. Disassembly

As required for a full quote to be completed, or as the first step of work on the project.

Digital photos are taken as a record of the parts that are removed and stored.

4. Working Quote

This provides descriptive detail of all work required and provides the work detail and budget for the project.

Once accepted by the client in full or part, a project timeframe is agreed.

5. Fabrication and Repairs

All rust is removed from areas to be repaired, and new steel is welded in place to produce a permanent repair.

These repairs are completed to LTSA standards and carry our 10-year guarantee and a digital photographic record.

Any fabrication or repair work requiring repair certification can be carried out and supported by The Surgery and directed through the legal requirements via our network of Certifiers.

6. Filling, Finishing and Straightening

Intensive and detailed hand finishing work, to make repaired panels smooth, straight and blemish-free, ready for the first stage of paintwork.

7. Paintwork

Our paintwork is all two pack and to a high quality, having won several concourse awards for the finish.

This also carries our 10-year guarantee.

8. Rustproofing

We provide comprehensive rustproofing using a pressure pot cavity wax injection system.

This is applied to upper and under the body.

9. Reassembly

10. Outwork

The Surgery operates within a network of excellent tradespeople, so can easily provide services for Auto Electrical, Upholstery and Mechanical work required as part of the project.

The majority of this work is provided on The Surgery’s premises.

11. Detailing and testing

This step sees hand finishing and attention to detail, final systematic quality checks, and test driving of the vehicle, to ensure that expectations are met.

12. Completion!