NZ Import and Entry Certification

New Zealand Import and Entry Certification

We stand proudly beside our work…

Along with our team of craftsmen, we provide owners of classic and collectable cars with restoration of a world class standard. We have a wealth of experience and expertise in the business of specialist car restoration and repair and can be relied on to provide sound advice, options and an excellent end result, in a professional and friendly manner. We run our business with integrity, care and a passion.

Our Recommendation from many Years of Experience

We have seen many clients work with restoration workshops overseas, all of which say the same thing. They know how to work with NZ officials when bringing a car into New Zealand. We have some of the toughest safety laws in the World. Unless they have a workshop here, they will not be used to the level of scrutiny the vehicle will go under. If you are thinking of restoring a vehicle overseas and ship it to New Zealand. Our advice would be to ship it here to start with and get your restoration work completed in New Zealand. This avoids the risk of compliance failure and the additional cost to fix or redo work already paid for.

What do we Guarantee?

For The Surgery to be able to offer you our customer satisfaction guarantee, we need to be sure that every stage of our work is carried out correctly. Like a solid house, if the foundation is good, a good structure can be built on it too. And we too need to be sure of the metals condition, rust free and protected, before we build on it. As long as we have repaired, treated and or protected the metal surfaces, we can then guarantee all the work we do that’s applied to these pieces.