Carefully Hand Stripping The Wolseley Body Shell

Ben hard at work on the Wolseley, carefully hand stripping the body shell back to bare steel to make it ready for rust killing and etch primer

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The Surgery Sprints 2017- Dates, Regs and Entry Forms Now Available

Here we go, race season is upon us again. and this years dates for The Surgery Sprints are up on our new site. Regs and entry forms for round 1 are also available on the same page. We hope you are all excited for round 1, as we are already counting down the days

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01/04/2017 Toyota 0 Comments

Bringing Life Back to Tired Paint

Bit of detailing going on in The Surgery this week. Bringing life back to the tired paint of this much loved Toyota Celica. Just look at that shine !! And thats before it’s been coated with CarPro Cquartz Finest paint protection.

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25/03/2017 Fiat, Holden, Mazda, MG, Morgan 3 Comments

Classic Car Quiz – Can You Name Them All

Have you got a good eye for the details, can you name the first 5 cars in this photo ?

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19/03/2017 Ford 0 Comments

32 Ford Coupe – Its Tough To Be Cool

Its hard to beat the cool factor of some cars, this 32 Ford thats was in for a couple of small updates is just so damn cool.

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Morgan 4/4 – Almost Ready For The Trip Home

The mog is almost ready to head home, just a couple more final checks before we wave goodbye. A couple of final checks when she gets back to the workshop, and then its over to the lucky owner, and the road trip home.

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Mazda RX7 – A Younger Generation

We have a younger lady in the workshop this week. And the whole team really like her.

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27/02/2017 Restoration, VW 0 Comments

VW Kombi – Where All Good Kombi’s Go To LIVE !

Its hard to see, but there are 3 kombi’s in this picture, and thats not even all of the models we have in right now. Four different generations of kombis all in, getting a new lease of life so that can continue to give their owners many more years of enjoyment.

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Toyota Land Cruiser – Eagerly Awaiting It’s Day In The Mud.

This bright red toy truck is all ready to go. The owner and surgery team are very happy with the final results, and we all cant wait to see it get it feet dirty with some good old fashioned off-roading.

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Rolls Royce Phantom – No Job To Big !!

Some damage repaired to this amazing Rolls Royce Phantom, its a good job our paint booth is build for cars of all sizes, as this thing is huge.

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Another baby leaves before Christmas…..1958 Austin Healey Sprite

Another baby leaves before Christmas…..big effort from our team. Great work guys on this 1958 Austin Healey Sprite.

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22/12/2016 Restoration, VW 0 Comments

VW Kombi Ready For Christmas Camping

One of the many kombi campers We have on the go at the moment. Finished a full restoration inside and on this one and it headed home today. There are two kombis in this photo BTW!  

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The Surgery Sprints – Sausages and Choc fish

The weather was wet, fine, wet, fine and a reasonable turn out of friendly faces. And the race drivers are fuelled up with chocolate fish and Sausages

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1968 Triumph Herald – Hark This Herald’s Angles Sing

When David Burke-Kennedy went to visit the owner of this beautifully restored Triumph Herald, he was surprised in more ways than one. You can’t help smiling when you reach the end of the long driveway to Andrew Cowsill’s pristine 19th-century house. His shinier-than-new 1968 Triumph Herald sits beaming proudly in front of it — as if to upstage the beautifully restored and landscaped villa. If this was being written for a classic house, garden, and car magazine, you’d be hard-pressed to know which to focus

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